Wednesday, 4 July 2007

A Day Worth Writing On !

So finally, I can dedicate a whole post entirely on how my day was. No, it was not the usual boring day today of which I probably complain in each and every post of mine.But today , was a rare day filled with events, surprises and felicitations! It started the same way as it always did, i woke up at 12 pm , which I guess is earlier then my previous records, something to be proud of ! My sister had a concert at IUB ( Independent University of Bangladesh) , well not exactly a concert but yeah she was requested to sing for charity by one of our family friends. I really didnt want to go to the concert at first, because I wasnt very fond of the idea that I had to wake up earlier then my usual timings. But then my sister was going to perform and she also told me NEMESIS was going to perform as well. Now if there is one band, after Artcell, that I really want to see perform , then thats Nemesis! I was totally blown away by their performance last summer and I really wanted to see them again. So anyhow, as I mentioned earlier, I managed to break the routine , cut some valuable hours of sleep and finally wake up to go to the concert. This concert was organized by the members of the group called " Hope". Hope is actually a wonderful organization that was formed by the students of IUB. I am not exactly accurate on the details about this organization but from what I have heard, it collects money for charity and helps the poverty ridden children with their education. The auditorium wasnt that big, but it was big enough for the number of people that came. Basically , it was an acoustic concert with no drums or bass. Just one acoustic guitar was used and I have to say that it was quite enjoyable. Some performers from Bangladesh's leading band " pentagon " performed as well. My sister got up at the end and performed five songs, of which I liked " leaving on a jet plane " by John Denver the best. Well she always sings that song so I guess she had enough practice before hand to make it sound really good. But unfortunately , I did not have enough space in my N 73 to record that song !
Sadly, due to some problems, Nemesis could not perform! I guess I still have to wait for another concert. Anyhow, the show was a success.They managed to collect a little over 3000 taka for charity.

So after the concert, my sister and I , we both went to KFC for a very late lunch. Man , ever since I landed in Dhaka, I really wanted to eat at KFC. Not because I had never eaten there, infact back in Saudi , most of our gatherings and parties ended with dinner at KFC. So it wasnt much of a big deal. The reason however, as to why I really wanted to go to KFC was simple. For the last 5 years I have seen all kinds of FC restaurants in bangladesh- AFC,BFC,CFC,DFC,FFC etc. and believe me I am not exaggerating here. Each of the above restaurants had weird full forms, for instance CFC stood for California fried chicken, FFC- Fortuna fried chicken and the more popular BFC- Best fried chicken. Its just like that over here, you dont get many branded restaurants to eat at. I think the only few branded ones are Pizza hut, KFC and baskin robbins i guess. ( Forgive me if i missed any other ). We also have a DominoUs instead of Dominos. So as you can see, due to the above reasons I was just dying to go to KFC. So we both went to KFC and there another surprise was just waiting for us. We met Jaber, Mohsin, Nasheeth ,Tanveer, Parvez and the rest of the Saudi gang ! It was an amazing Coincidence. We were just busy hugging each other, shouting and doing crazy stuff. I also remember getting a number of stares from the surrounding environment! But that did not matter , it just felt amazing to see them after a long time. We then took pictures and went on to have lunch. Honestly speaking, the food wasnt as great as in Saudi but hey atleast we finally have the real FC restaurant, KFC!

After that , I came home watched the movie " Honeymoon Travels". It was really very funny , I still did not watch right till the end so I hope people who have will please shut their mouth and not tell me anything about the ending ! I then started packing because my sister and I are going to join my parents and my younger sister in Chittagong.We are going to leave at 8 45 am i guess, thats like approximately another 4 hours away ! Damn I love staying up late !

Today is also the day when the DASA scheme merit list came out. Its really heartening to see almost all my friends getting admission into various NIT colleges. Rahul, Nithin, Antony, Tony,Sybil and Nikhil , all of them got into NIT calicut, and I am glad because Calicut is 6 hours away from Manipal, so hopefully I can visit them during the semester breaks! Jithin and Shilpa got into NIT Warangal .I am especially happy for Rahul, he worked so hard during school time and he finally got into NIT C , something that he always deserved ! So congratulations to all you guys, and hope I can atleast meet some of you in the next 3 years .

So I guess thats it , nothing else happened today, in my life atleast. I still have a few things to do before going to chittagong. I think I need a shave , because I dont want to shave once I go there ( for all u evil minded people, i am talking about shaving my face nothing else) , I also need to get a book to read in the bus , I need to store some songs in my mobile and I need to recharge my phone! Damn I have to do all this within 4 hours. I better start working now ! So, I guess the next time that I can come online again will be on Sunday, when I return from chittagong. I hope to write a wonderful post , filled with pictures , on my village. Until my next post! cya !



P.S. - Its the 4th of july ! well actually its 5th now , but anyways, happy belated independance day to America, hope you guys can finally get rid off Bush next year and a very very happy Birthday to Saima ( mafat) , god knows where u are ! i hope u do come to the cafe atleast on your birthday! anyway happpy 18th birthday once again!