Friday, 21 September 2007

Ramadan Karim !!

Anddd Ramadan is finally here ! !! ok , i started of with an " And" cuz i wanted to sound exciting, since thats how ramadan usually is u know, exciting, filled with parties, amazing offers at the restaurants and many other " good " things ! Well atleast thats how it was for the past 17 years in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. But now I am in india ! My first Ramadan in India and believe me it is wayyyyyyyy different. I dont mean to sound like a complain box or anything, but honestly speaking its not like home. Its more of a struggle here though and I guess that gets you more determined to fast. So this is what i do here, at sun set , for iftar, I just go to this small dhaba in front of my college or to this place called KC ( kamath circle) where there is a restaurant ! They also give u free food at the mosque, but its not worth it cuz u gotta walk all the way from here to the mosque and that is like REAL FAR. So anyhow, after that small meal , I wait till 7 30 since my food mess opens from then onwards and i try to hog as much as i can from there, but surprisingly i dont feel hungry there as well. For sehree, in the morning, I just have fruits or at times order food from outside . Yesterday, though I went out to the 10th block , to the night canteen along with my nigerian mate Usoro. The food was kinda cool there, I had like 1 burger , 1 chicken frankie and a musombi juice ! Oh musumbi juice is liek my new favourite drink here ! I love it, its so refreshing and umm tasty ! Damn all this talk on food is making me hungry ! arghh better stop the foody topic here. Ok my daily routine during ramadan hasnt changed much , except for the fact that i stopped going to football practice out of sheer laziness. I reach class just , i repeat JUST on time, cuz i sleep late ! lol.. umm and oh i also started practicing table tennis. There is this guy in my hostel called Sankhya, a senior from MIT, plays really good, so i practice with him. I must say that even though im playing tt after such a long time i still am in an OKAY shape ! lol.. ok other thatn that, after TT we all hang out at KC once again, at the basketball court. Sometimes we all go out for dinner, but thats reallly rare cuz half the time everyones broke , including my self ! hmm soo well i guess thats all what i do during ramadan here, right now its 5 40... only 5 40 ... have one more frikking hour to wait and i guess will go to cafe coffee day today, feel really verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry hungry today donno why. Anyhow thats all for now, till next time


Monday, 10 September 2007

Manipal here i am !

OK so firstly I am really surprised that I am actually updating my blog ! But I have so much free time here that I am FORCED to do this ! my class starts after another hour and since the net here is worth 10 rs per hour Iwant to use it to the fullest !!! anyway lemme jusst start describing manipal !

Ok life in manipal is basically like a movie ! yes it really is ! I mean, the average age of people here is like 21 and you see students everywhere. The place is very green , filled with trees, it actually is in the middle ofa jungle. Its a very small place so most of us walk everywhere. Atleast I do, I walk to college, to my hostel, to the mess etc etc. Another thing about manipal is the rain. It rains like HELL here and im surprised the place isnt flooded yet. So an umbrella becomes a part and parcel of your life here. The food, drinks and everything is quite cheap here, not that costly but money flows like water! If you take out a 500 rs note here its bound to get over by a week or lesser. Any how other than that , there are a few places worth going to. According to some second years, the place gets boring after one year but others have different opinions ! any how im still quite new here and have many places to visit. Most of the guys go to Manglore or udipi during the weekends, cuz thats like an hour away from this place. There are around 12 thousand students here in all and i guess there are around 20 colleges here. KMC ( kasturba medical college) and MIT ( manipal institute of technology) are the main BIGGIES. lol my college ( MIC ) and the rest come after these two colleges. We have a small campus as compared to kmc and MIT but its wonderfully designed and has almost everything we need. Video lab, radio lab and amazing shaq ( common room) etc. Other than that, u can like make friends easily here, cuz its a small palce and u tend to get to know people very easy. Studies part, well we still didnt get much to do here, but i guess all the tests and assignments will start from next month onwards. we have 50 marks internals and 50 marks terminal exams ! unlike the rest of the colleges we dont have sessionals so that is kinda cool. My daily routine is like this, I go to college at 9 am in the morning, and then come back at 1 to my mess for lunch. And then we have class again till 5 in the evening. After 5 it gets kinda tentative. We either have football practice, rehearsal for some club or show, or i just go and sleep at times, or maybe go hang out with friends. At 8 pm we always meet at KC ( KAMATH CHAKRA) , its basicaly a place where all the students come to just for...... lol i really donno why, just to hang out i guess. Anyways its still fun. At times we go to some clubs and all. I didnt go to many as yet. umm.. and what else, well thats pretty much it till now. Its a lot of fun and well hope everything continues to go on well. oh yeah and i forgot to mention the subjects that im doing for the first year. We have 5 subjects, " Reporting and Writing", English, Introduction to computers, Cultural History and Human Communications. We also have this movie screening period once a week where we watch art movies. its really good and this week we watched this movie called " Graveyard of the fireflies" and it was an amazing. Well thats it then, and im really sorry i cudnt contact everyone the last few days !! there are 2 reasons to that. 1. i am lazy, 2. i have become very kanjoos here so im waiitng for my roomie to get a laptop and then maybe i can come online every day !

so until the next time !