Wednesday, 8 August 2007

My Last Bow...

Its 5 am in the morning here and I am still awake, don't know why though. I guess I didn't want to sleep my last night in Dhaka, I didn't plan it before hand but it was always in my mind. It feels good to be blogging again though, once again after a long gap. Once again, I never planned not to blog for such a long time, but it was just at the back of my mind, to post something just before leaving Bangladesh. So yeah, I'm finally leaving Bangladesh, going to Manipal to study. hmmm.. mentioned that many times in my earlier posts right ? Funny title right ? My last bow, I am not exactly sure from where i got this title. Oh yes, from Sherlock Holmes, it was the title of the chapter where he supposedly dies. The author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, wanted to end his " sherlock holmes " series but due to public pressure he brings Sherlock Holmes back in " The return of Sherlock Holmes". lol dont worry I m not planning to kill my self or anything. Anyway, where was I, oh yes , I 'm leaving tonight at 11 30 pm, going to go to Kolkata first and from there to mumbai and take a train from there to Udipi, which is like 10 minutes away from Manipal. So as you can see its going to be one hell of a ride. To say that I'm really excited, will not exactly be the truth. I'm confused ( which u can already find out by reading the beginning of this post) , hmm i guess its just a big change in my life and the realization just hit me. Well, I just pray to God that everyting turns out to be fine. Funny, the song " poth chola " has so much more meaning now.

So I guess, its uni time now , hopefully everything goes fine and i just hope that every thing I'm doing and going through will have its price in the future ! sooo this is Naimul Karim, and here's my last bow.

cheers ?

naim .

P.S.- I was drunk while writing this post.. lol , and hey my conditions not that bad as it sounds ! i m just a bit confused.. but then again i m verry excited to start uni !! inshallah it uni life will rock and i hope the road i have chosen will lead me to the right way.