Friday, 21 September 2007

Ramadan Karim !!

Anddd Ramadan is finally here ! !! ok , i started of with an " And" cuz i wanted to sound exciting, since thats how ramadan usually is u know, exciting, filled with parties, amazing offers at the restaurants and many other " good " things ! Well atleast thats how it was for the past 17 years in the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. But now I am in india ! My first Ramadan in India and believe me it is wayyyyyyyy different. I dont mean to sound like a complain box or anything, but honestly speaking its not like home. Its more of a struggle here though and I guess that gets you more determined to fast. So this is what i do here, at sun set , for iftar, I just go to this small dhaba in front of my college or to this place called KC ( kamath circle) where there is a restaurant ! They also give u free food at the mosque, but its not worth it cuz u gotta walk all the way from here to the mosque and that is like REAL FAR. So anyhow, after that small meal , I wait till 7 30 since my food mess opens from then onwards and i try to hog as much as i can from there, but surprisingly i dont feel hungry there as well. For sehree, in the morning, I just have fruits or at times order food from outside . Yesterday, though I went out to the 10th block , to the night canteen along with my nigerian mate Usoro. The food was kinda cool there, I had like 1 burger , 1 chicken frankie and a musombi juice ! Oh musumbi juice is liek my new favourite drink here ! I love it, its so refreshing and umm tasty ! Damn all this talk on food is making me hungry ! arghh better stop the foody topic here. Ok my daily routine during ramadan hasnt changed much , except for the fact that i stopped going to football practice out of sheer laziness. I reach class just , i repeat JUST on time, cuz i sleep late ! lol.. umm and oh i also started practicing table tennis. There is this guy in my hostel called Sankhya, a senior from MIT, plays really good, so i practice with him. I must say that even though im playing tt after such a long time i still am in an OKAY shape ! lol.. ok other thatn that, after TT we all hang out at KC once again, at the basketball court. Sometimes we all go out for dinner, but thats reallly rare cuz half the time everyones broke , including my self ! hmm soo well i guess thats all what i do during ramadan here, right now its 5 40... only 5 40 ... have one more frikking hour to wait and i guess will go to cafe coffee day today, feel really verrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry hungry today donno why. Anyhow thats all for now, till next time



Ragamalika, Malik, Rags, wateva! said...

The world of a person, transparently put up on the internet for the whole world to see ;)
I'm not saying its wrong, I'm not saying its right. But if I were you, I'd slap a password on the blog's face and mail it to all my friends. I'd also create another blog, this one public, to show off my good writing skills to the entire world. In this blog, I would discuss things other than my life, which I don't think is for the whole world. :)
Personal advice from personal experience: The world's a shitty place if everyone knows your pluses and minuses.

Other than that, style's good. Punctuation and capitalisation need some work, but other than that its fine.

Anonymous said...

I disagree completely!

So what if the whole world knows about our 'pluses n minuses'?
well, HELLO! that's what a blog's for..
you SHOWCASE your daily life in it!

Let em creativity juices flow, naim.
Looking forward to your next entry....

Ragamalika, Malik, Rags, wateva! said...

not necessarily... if you 'showcased', it'd become a public personal diary, no? then the whole 'traditional wisdom' of locking up your personal diary in a shelf which only you can open... like, something missing, no?

ruchyk@ said...

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Elita Karim said...

hey elin, read this post like months after ramadan. i know what u mean when u say that ramadan is a lot of fun back in the kingdom and e used ot have a BLAST right?:S i miss all that too.
but ramadan is also about learning how to live with what we have around us, about tolerance and what not. when we fast and still toil hard with our daily activities, we are supposed to feel a tiny little percentage of what the poor around us feel.
its great that u try to adapt to a new culture. and thats the most fun part, u have all these kids with u who belong to different faiths and beliefs but all of u still survive being friends and following ur faiths.
regarding the personal journal, i wud have to agree with ur friend ragamalika. the world is indeed a shitty place. maybe u shud think twice before writing out all ur emotions. but then again, ur blog is still very young and fun and its a treat for old people like us to read ur stuff and feel all young again! hehe!
carry on!