Sunday, 13 April 2008

Willkommen to Bremen ( Germany)

So, after all the running around, all the trips that I took to the different parts of India, just for a simple visa for Germany, I have finally made it to Bremen( let me take a breather). The first words that I said after reaching the Frankfurt airport was ' Phew, we finally made it', but of course that wasnt to be the case, as God had something else planned for me and my compatriots. Another problem was awaiting us as soon as we reached the Frankfurt airport, no nothing regarding the visa or anything, but it was slightly due to the absence of mind ( to be polite) or in plain simple words, due to our stupidity that we actually kinda got lost, funny ? I dont think so.

See what actually happened was that I had liquids in my hand bag ( all the gel , shampoo and other things to maintain my handsomeness) and since we had like a 3 hour gap till our next flight to Bremen, Gayatri ( one of the other 2 compatriots) and I decided to go back and deposit it as luggage and since we had a lot of hand bags, we gave them to Aparna ( the other one) and asked her to wait right outside the check in and went wherever the person directed us. What we didnt know was that it was going to be impossible to return back to the same place and we had to check in from some other place , leaving aparna with all the handbags to check in alone ! Gayatri and I probably saw the entire airport 4 times in those 3 hours ! Searching for that same place where we left aparna. We actually thought we would miss our flight, but at the end Aparna or I should say Super Aparna, some how managed to carry all the handbags and reached the gate just before the flight was going to depart. Wahhh kya baat hai ! Bharatia naari ki jay!!

Anyway after that ' Adventure At the Airport' we reached Bremen at 2 pm and reached our accomodation. Its pretty good ( has to be , we pay 250 euros for it ) , we have all the necessary things; oven, micrwave, washing machine etc. , everything except a Television and the all important internet. So I have to come all the way to university every day to use the net, anyway its fine at the moment.

Okay so enough of personal details ( as Raaga had once said ' do not display your personal information in your blod ! ) and more of Bremen. Well Bremen is a nice place, its pretty clean and green. Its got one of the best football teams in Germany called Werder Bremen and so there is a lot of security whenever there is a match about to take place. Its just like what you see on TV, the entire place decorated with the team flags and everybody wearing their team's jersy and the pubs filled with people watching the match, lots of fun. Didnt really get to know too much about german culture ( except for the fact that they dont wash their ass after shitting ! they just clean it with a tissue paper and take a bath later ! whoaa isnt that cool ! Later i realized its a European thing!) since almost everything here is more or less globalized ( or Americanized ). Didnt get to taste German food as yet, but I do know that there is a huge variety of German bread and well Bremen is known for its drinks but unfortunately I dont drink ( or dint start as yet hehe) so dont have much idea, but yeah I do see people carrying packs of 'becks' ( a drink incase u illiterates dint know)everywhere here.

There is also this sandwhich called the Döner , which is actually turkish and is a complete rip off of a shawarma, so you can guess, how happy i was when i came here. I ate it 3 times last week , which is a lot considering the amount of money I get from the university. The centre of the city is called Domesheide and then there is another place called the hauptbahnhoff or the main station, these two places are like the main places in Bremen. People go there during the weekends since all the discos and bars are present there.

There is also this river which passes through Bremen and its really beautiful, you can go on boat rides over there, something that I still have to try. Well Bremen, is a small but a beautiful place, I still have to explore a lot more, but I think I have covered the main areas here. For more details log on to my facebook profile and check out the pics!
I will be going to Berlin on the 26th of this month, so I guess that will show a lot more of Germany, the capital after all has to be good!

I guess thats it for now, the four of us live in the same building which has like 6 rooms and we cook and all live happily ever after! heh isnt that how u always like to end ur posts ? a cliche !

Anyway thats all for now, and yeah am also missing manipal a lot ! mainly because of the food, cant wait to go back to Saudi or Manipal and hog like a pig !



Anonymous said...

Nice post.
What took you so long?
I mean, how could you make your fans wait so long? We were all biting our fingernails until they bled, for the day you would post.


Anyway, hope your Berlin trip goes on without a hitch.

manaswini said...

well well wht an experience..poor to knw ab8 ur adventure nd experience..hmm so kepe exploring germany nd u miss manipal only fr fodd thts sad..i thght lot more reasons r there ..:p nd ya happy to knw u becomin matured at so early gd bacha bada hi raha hai

Kushal said...

lol damn thatd have been scary if i was aparna ....anyway need to upload more pics

Hestia said...

LOL.. nice post.. Super Aparna - really.. good stuff.. treat my vikkooh well ok.. u ve not mentioned him only.. good experience.. and didnt u know that they use tissue papers out there? kaise ho tum?
anyway.. have a great time.. even mannipal misses u.. little less enthusiasm is there without u! :P
come soon naim!

blahphadella said...

hey...back to blogging eh??..nicee...i shud also get back to doing it...damn when will i???

Ragamalika, Malik, Rags, wateva! said...

Wie geht es ihnen?
nice nice... have fun in duetschland junior!

Elita Karim said...

u guys got lost at the airport? losers! anyways, good ol' aparna saves the day i see.

i can see u r having fun. do update ur blog from time to time, especially when u go to berlin. as i keep telling u, berlin is filled with history. so try to read up a little before u go exploring. take lots of pics and post some here on ur blog as well.

and u guys shud stick together where ever u go. and how r u managing the cooking and washing and all? dont tell me u r making ur friend aparna cook! u guys shud learn to cook and do ur dirty laundry as well...

waiting for more posts....

Nikhil said...

Nice reading this again after 10 years ...!